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The City of Cork has been synonymous with the finest in Irish handcrafted glass since 1780. With the vast amount of so called Fine Irish Crystal nowadays being mass produced or turned out by machines on automated production lines not in Ireland, Cork Irish Crystal is among a tiny group of  Genuine Irish Artisan Producers still producing crystal that is actually worked by Irish Hands.

My Crystal has graced the homes of many luminaries such as Salvador Dali, President Joe Biden, Michael Flatley, Andy Warhol, Marlon Brando and President Emmaneul Macron, Meghan Markle among many others. During Corks 800 year celebration, Cork Crystal was chosen to represent Irish craft and a piece was placed in a “Time Capsule” and buried underneath the centre of Cork City. This is a small selection of my work. If you need something specific please contact me.

Cork Irish Crystal is very special, it is made with pride and each piece is worked by me personally – George Duggan.


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